I am a certified Executive Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, helping women feel more confident, set and stick with their goals, and design a career (and life) they love - most days. :)

My story is slightly different from most entrepreneurs and coaches. Mainly because I love my career in the corporate world too. In a way, I stumbled into this world of coaching.

I have always been obsessed with goal setting and am one of those "overachiever" types--which I fully embrace and love now. I knew what I wanted to do for my career since high school, worked extremely hard all through college, and achieved that dream job right out of college--one that roughly 3% of applicants get.

A few years in I had the hard realization that the dream job wasn't the perfect fit for me. This took me a while to accept. Then I finally realized if I wasn't happy or completely fulfilled then it was on me to change. So I took the scary leap and landed in another awesome job in the corporate world.

The reason I say my story is slightly different is because I have always loved my career and what I do for work full-time. I have built all of my coaching businesses in pockets of time on the side of my full-time job. Right now my vision isn't to be completely free and "make my own rules." (Although I do think it's an added bonus to have options!) Instead, my main goal is to show women just like me that they can do both! Or, better yet, you can design your career how ever you'd like! You can crush your career and also set crazy ambitious goals on the side too. It doesn't have to be one or the other. You can make both work, and design a life you absolutely love.