Want to sit down with me, Brittany, (virtually) to get unstuck and create a career and life that is ridiculously fulfilling AND less overwhelming? As a certified Executive Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, we will work together to clarify your goals, work on your mindset to kick self-doubt that might be holding you back, and create an action plan to get you started and stay consistent with your goals. Clarity, confidence, and consistency is what I am here to help with! You ready?

"Yup! Still on the side hustle high! And not overwhelmed at all. I'm feeling it! Ready to get this business moving!"

"Working with Brittany helped me tackle my imposter syndrome, feel confident in my work, and see clarity in my goals. With her guidance and encouragement, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and check a few items off my business bucket list faster than I ever imagined I could. She asked the right questions to help me think through my obstacles, and was so enthusiastic and fun! Connecting with Brittany as was one of the best decisions I made this year."

"There are not enough words to thank Brittany for all she's done for me these past few years. I met her a few years back and from the moment we met I knew she was someone special. Her energy, her focus, her determination, and the love she's got for coaching is undeniable. During Covid I lost my steady income and reached out to her, joined her Designed Life Studio Community as a member and one on one coaching. I felt lost with no way out and needed help - serious help finding my way. Thanks to her I found a new career I love, I am about to get certified in my new field and finally feel confident and focused. Her gentle take action approach is what I needed. I would not be where I am today without her. Brittany gave me the tools to find the confidence to move forward, learn something new, and propelled me to where I am today. I recommend her to everyone I know - she is beyond amazing!!!!"

"Thank you so much for your time this last week for such an informative and enriching experience. The session couldn’t have come at a better time. You help put some things into perspective we already do every day but gave it a meaning and understanding of why and what it means. It’s truly helpful so that we can grow not just from a career perspective but also a personal one. I really enjoyed your insightfulness and help make us realize we can all be more! :) "

"And you were my first coach!! You were the catalyst that started it all!! That's powerful!!!"

"In my coaching call with Brittany I was able to think through her guided questions to gain some clarity of my direction of upcoming job search. By asking practical questions she help me drill down past the surface and get to the decisions I need to make. When we started our conversation I had a problem, but by the time we finished I had direction and some realistic action items to work on. Brittany provides space for you to think, without letting you get lost!"

"Working with Brittany has been an amazing journey. I remember the feeling of wanting to sign up with her from her motivational but also 'true life no filter' moments on her Instagram stories she would post daily. Recently, Brittany had me do an activity for two weeks to work on time management. As much as I hated the process in the beginning (because you don't want to actually acknowledge your bad habits) it's something that I needed in my life. I needed this wake up call and accountability from Brittany to make the change I've been holding off of for years. If you need accountability, consistency and even a positive shift in mindset, Brittany is your girl. She keeps it professional but also fun and you never feel like you're being rushed, like most sessions I've experienced."

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