3 Key Steps to Create Your Fulfilling Career Path


If you don’t already know, I help women design a career path (and life) that they actually enjoy. What’s that mean? Well, there is your current situation, what you actually want, and the action steps it takes to get there.

With every woman I coach, the very first thing we work on is getting clear on what they really want to do. There are three key elements to figuring this out. 

  1. What do you enjoy?

This first step is figuring out what you actually like, if you don’t already know. What are your dreams, your goals, your aspirations, and what do you like doing?

This ties into your vision for life and your future. So don’t limit yourself, but take some time to think about what actually brings YOU joy and excitement. What are the activities you enjoy? 

  1. Who are you?

The next question we need to answer is, Who are YOU? Don’t forget to filter this through the first element of this, and make sure this really about you, and not expectations or goals set on you by other people.

When it comes to your career, what are you good at and that you actually like doing? This part of the formula is figuring out where your skills and experience fit. What do you bring to the table? What makes you unique?

A lot of times, we will dismiss certain experiences or skills that are really unique to us. Don’t do that! Those are the things that really make us awesome and help us bring even more to the table. Trust in your unique skills and experiences.

  1. Is there a need?

You might think that your dream job is a position that blends all of your favorite hobbies and work environments together. But the market demand doesn't always match up with the ideas in your head. (Sorry, but it’s true.) 

So ask yourself, is there a real demand or market need for this? Like if you searched for this type of position online, could you really find it? If you can’t find it don't freak out! We still have alternatives to get to make this part of your career path too.

Maybe the solution is even at your current place of work. Remember, we like to keep it simple here. Can you ask for new opportunities? Can you say, “I see this gap. I’m good at it. Can I add this to my role?” Be a problem solver. People love problem solvers.

This goes without saying, but make sure it’s a good fit and that you actually have the time to do all of the things. This is key to making sure you enjoy the work you do and don’t become overwhelmed.

One-size-fits-all positions

There isn’t always a one-size-fits-all position. And that’s okay. 

Here at Designed Life Studio, we create our perfect "work cocktail". What does this mean? It means that every single person is unique and one position might not knock everything out of the park and bring 100% fulfillment. That's fine. Also, it's totally normal.

Maybe that means you need a creative outlet, a passion project to meet those needs (outside of your full-time job). Maybe it's starting a side business just because you have this other desire too. A passion that is going to help you feel more fulfilled. The goal is to feel more fulfilled with the overall work that you are doing and your career path, not that everything has to be found in one place. Or fit in one perfect job role.

Remember, this is not limited to money or a certain title. Yes, more money is great. Yes, if your goal is to get promoted, make progress, and have that title, that is great too. Just remember, your title does not define your worth. I'm not saying you can't do that, but the goal here is to feel fulfilled, and feel excited about your work again. Not to achieve just to achieve.

Design YOUR Life

I know this might sound even more overwhelming. But the way we take charge and design our lives/careers here in Designed Life Studio is to first figure out what that missing thing is. Then we slowly begin to take action (without adding an additional layer of overwhelm).

Anything that gets added to your plate should not be added as an assignment. It gets added because it’s really something that brings you joy and is going to help bring that whole formula together and feel more fulfilled all around.

Again, it’s not a one-size-fits-all position. For me personally, it is working in corporate and running a coaching business. That is the perfect blend for me. This is what I love. And this is what brings me full circle career fulfillment.

Some days it’s easier than others. Do I have days where I feel like there's a lot going on? Oh yessss. But for the most part, it's great! I'll be honest, it's not always just smooth sailing. I do have a lot going on. But that is where we take a step back and prioritize. When you are doing all the things you need to make sure you're doing them for the right reasons.


Let’s go back to the initial three questions. When you are defining and designing your own unique fulfilling career path, ask: What do you like to do? What are your goals and desires that are unique to you? What are your skills and experiences that will help you bring this? And then also where's the market demand or need?

Is it a position? Is it something you're already doing and can ask for more of at work or is it creating your own thing? There's no wrong answer. It's just figuring out what fits best for you!

Yes, you do have to dive a little deeper sometimes. If you’ve been stuck for a while, it’s not your fault! There are questions to ask and answer to help you figure this out. If you try something and it still feels like maybe something's missing, don’t get frustrated. It’s part of the process. Give yourself time and learn as you go.

It might take a little time

Sometimes we want that instant solution. We want to know that the roadmap is all here. But in building that truly fulfilling career path, there's a little work that's involved and it starts with these three key pieces. 

Ask yourself those questions. What do I actually enjoy doing? What am I good at? Is there a need for it? That is your first place to start. This is your life. Design it! That’s what we do here in Designed Life Studio.

If you have any questions or need extra help, reach out! Want to start today? You can dive into all of the Designed Life Studio coaching and resources here - https://www.designedlifestudio.com/programs



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