Give Yourself Credit

Why do we talk about confidence so much at Designed Life Studio? Because you have all the reasons in the world why you shouldn't be lacking any.

Here is your confidence tip for the day.


First, you need to remember that it is perfectly normal for anyone to doubt and feel less than confident. It happens to everyone.


You've probably heard me say, "Write it down!" over and over, right? Well, that's because it's an important part of the process. So when was the last time you took a moment to actually write down all of your accomplishments and skills and expertise? You know, give yourself a little recognition and praise.

You've got what it takes

You have a longgg list. I promise you. Take a step back and actually write down all that you've accomplished so far, your skills, your expertise, and what you bring to the table.

The Problem

So often we do not give ourselves credit for just how far we've come, all that we've accomplished, and the unique skills and expertise...

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Real You for Real Confidence

When it comes to confidence, there are lots of easy things to boost yours. This tip might surprise you though...

Be more you!

What does that even mean? You need to be more authentic and let more of who you really are shine through. Are you fun and funny? What would that side of you look like at work? 

The more you that shows up at work, the more confident you will feel, even if you see yourself as someone who isn't that confident. 

Hear me out.

When you're someone else...

We all have people we look up to or even people we wish we could be more like. At work, it could be a supervisor or even a coworker with lots of success. We want what they've got so we go directly to copying their style and way of doing things.

Yes, maybe there are systems and practices that you have to follow and do a certain way, but if you are trying to just model and be more like them, it's exhausting and you might not even have the success they have because you aren't being who...

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Want Less Overwhelm? Here's a quick tip.

We all experience overwhelm at some point. It's easy to fall into and it can happen in any area of our lives. But don't worry, there are definitely ways to manage and even prevent it.

This is one of my top tips to help you feel more prepared and less overwhelmed for your days. It may come off as obvious, but so many things that work best are common sense things that we don't apply regularly. So here it is, if you're wanting to have more control or feel more prepared for your days...

Look at your calendar the night before.

Do you have a daily planner? If not, I highly recommend you get one. *shameless plug* Designed Life Studio has a three-month daily planner. There are a ton of great planners out there, but I've designed this one after years of planning and not having just the right one for me. I might be a tad biased, but I know you'll love it too! :)

So you need to look at your planner or calendar the night before so that you can plan your day. You...

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Stop Focusing on the 'How'

Are you a planner or are you aspiring to be? It can be difficult at times when you plan and plan and plan and yet, things don't go as you planned. 

If you've got it all mapped out and you've done all the research, it can be really frustrating. But is there anything you can really do about it?

The challenge


I want to challenge you to take a step back and focus more on the vision and who you need to step into and be how you need to show up in order to make the plan happen. A lot of times, we planners get very focused (maybe even a little obsessed) on the specifics. So much so, that we'll focus so much on the how and forget about the vision.

So I know it might sound a little out there, but if you actually take a step back and focus on the big vision, the how will figure itself out. Sometimes we can be so driven in one direction that we miss out on a great opportunity.


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Goal-Setting Tip

Sometimes we get really motivated when we start to plan out our lives and set goals. Whether that's eating healthy, hitting the gym, or staying on a consistent reading plan, it's easy to start out super motivated but find it harder and harder to continue with a habit the longer we go.

So how do we stay consistent?

One major factor in sticking with a habit to achieve your goal is whether it's really your goal or not. How do you discern between the two?

Write it down!

Writing down your goals can be a powerful exercise, especially if you keep some kind of score. As you write out the different ideas you have for your goals and how to achieve them, really pay attention to how it feels adding it to your list.

If there is something on your list that you're not very excited for then it could be that it's actually a "should goal". A "should goal" or a goal is something that someone else expects of you or you expected yourself, but you're not really into it...

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Big Career Goals and Really Living

I always try to read something to help me set my mindset before consuming news or social media. (That's how we do it here, mindset first!)

So I was reading a personal development book this morning, and the section I'm in is addressing our insecurities and worries about the future rather than actually living in the present. There are so many good quotes from this book, you guys. But the quote that really hit me was specifically about work and the idea of being so focused on goals and making money and not actually living.

We can get so good at making the money and not really ever learn how to enjoy what we're working for. Just because your bills are paid and you've got a good amount in your savings doesn't mean you're actually enjoying the fruits of all your hard work. You have to make time to actually enjoy all the work.

If you're at a really good spot financially and yet making more money just to make more without intentionally setting apart time to...

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How to Succeed Stepping Into a New Role

Starting a new job can be exciting: the pay, the experience, the new coworkers you'll become friends with...

But it can also be stressful and nerve-wracking for a lot of people. In fact, if you're anything like me, you're familiar with your own self-critic. You know... that thought or inner voice that tells you you're a failure or even an imposter. If you give that voice any attention, it can grow and grow until you really begin to believe it. 

So what can you do to make sure you succeed and keep the right mindset when stepping into that new role or even starting your own business?

Figure out what is expected of you

There is nothing worse than jumping into something new and not knowing what is expected of you because two things can happen.

  1. You won't deliver to the best of your abilities because you don't know what those expectations are. 
  2. You are going to get frustrated and start second-guessing yourself. If you don't know what's expected of you then...
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Soft vs Hard Skills

You’ve heard the phrase, “I’m my own worst enemy” or, “I’m my biggest critic”. How true is that for you?

Now, I’m not saying that critique and holding yourself to a high standard is always a bad thing, but if your inner critic has no grace and a standard of perfectionism, then you need to find a new critic!

What does all this have to do with soft and hard skills? I’m glad you asked… ;) 

Talking yourself out of an opportunity

Has there ever been a leadership position at your work or in a group you’re in but you’ve listened to that inner critic tell you that you don’t have what it takes?

If your answer is "yes", STOP IT.

Generally speaking, most women won’t apply for a job or ask for the next step if they feel like they don't meet 100% of the qualifications. Whereas most men who don’t meet 100% of the qualifications will still apply or take the next steps.

Hear me out:

You’ve got...

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You Are Allowed To Be A Beginner

A little reminder for all of my overachievers out there: you are qualified! 

Did you just start a new role? Has it been less than six months and you’re in that uncomfortable position where you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and you don’t feel super helpful? Yes, that is a normal feeling.

You are so used to crushing it, you aren’t allowing yourself to be new. Maybe you’ve just started a new side business or you're making a shift or you are stepping into a new company.

Remember, when you step into something new, its just that, it’s new! Which means you’re allowed to be new and time time to learn it. It doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself grace!

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When You've "Tried It All"


Here is what to do when you've "tried it all."

Almost all of my clients (and I) are high-achievers. And I find it so funny that because since we are high-achievers, we are also extreme researchers. A lot of us are analysts at heart.

When we set our minds to something we really dive in and research all the things.

When we're talking through a problem, we say, “I've read all the things. I know what I need to do.”

But sometimes (or often) it doesn’t work as we expect and we get stuck. It’s very frustrating because we’ve already done all of the analysis and planning and so we don’t know where to turn. 

You've already tried everything, right?

When this happens we need to take a step back and get to the root of the goal/program. If it's not working, what else can you try?

The main problem is that we can get so stuck in research mode, what other people are doing, and we think it should work for us too. We need to remember it is not a...

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