Quick Mindset Shift to Help You Stick to Healthy Habits - "I am doing this for my future self."


New motto for the month --> "I am doing this for my future self." 

I noticed my routine was slowly getting off course and decided it was necessary to go back to the basics this past week. Focusing on simple self-care habits!

And so far these simple steps have been amazing. One key piece is saying this new motto over and over again. So I wanted to share this new motto/mindset with you too:

Setting the coffee maker the night before rather than in the morning -- doing this for my future self

Taking off ALL makeup, brushing and flossing no matter how exhausted I am -- doing this for my future self

Making time to meditate -- doing this for my future self

Swapping out cocktails/wine for a seltzer or tea -- doing this for my future self

Putting the phone down/closing the laptop and being present when you spouse or family member is talking -- doing this for OUR future selves

Making the bed as soon as we wake up -- doing this for my future self

Going for a walk...

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3 Simple Morning Routine Basics

3 simple morning routine basics that you can complete in 5 minutes. Starting a morning routine can be overwhelming. Using these basics can help you ease into a new habit and see that it doesn't need to be complicated! Just 5 minutes can make a huggeee difference! 

Using these basics your morning routine could be as little as 5 minutes or up to 60 minutes. It's up to you based on what you need, anddd realistically, what you have time for! 

Morning Routine Basics:


Say out loud, journal, or read a list of things you are grateful for. Why? Because it’s really hard to start the day off in a bad mood if you take a minute to count your blessings. Sooo take a blessings inventory right when you wake up and be grateful!


Listen or read something positive. Control the first things you consume each day. (Example: affirmations, personal development book or podcast, etc.)



The Chalene Show

The Brendon Show

The Marie Forleo Podcast


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