You Are Allowed To Be A Beginner

A little reminder for all of my overachievers out there: you are qualified! 

Did you just start a new role? Has it been less than six months and you’re in that uncomfortable position where you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and you don’t feel super helpful? Yes, that is a normal feeling.

You are so used to crushing it, you aren’t allowing yourself to be new. Maybe you’ve just started a new side business or you're making a shift or you are stepping into a new company.

Remember, when you step into something new, its just that, it’s new! Which means you’re allowed to be new and time time to learn it. It doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself grace!

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(BOOK OF PROOF) Are you doubting yourself?

Do you find yourself overthinking and overanalyzing a lot? If you’re doubting yourself, I’ve got something for you that will instantly boost your confidence. Your…


I’m sure you’re thinking, what in the world is a book of proof!? It’s a list, journal, or literal book that proves you’re right where you’re supposed to be! Sounds really good, right? A whole book affirming your current role or next steps.


You are right where you’re supposed to be

There are so many things you've already accomplished and experienced that make you qualified to be where you are. My friend, you are right where you are supposed to be, but those doubts pop up, especially if you are starting something new.

Are doubts getting in your way right now?

Think about and list out all of your past experiences that prove why you are meant to be here.

 You're not an imposter. You're not faking it. You have worked for this. 

You have...

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Lesson/reminder for the week comes from the Netflix show Emily in Paris. Have you watched it yet?!

Here are the three unexpected lessons I picked up on while watching the show (and, of course, had to share with you too):

1. There is more to life than work. 

2. Build a life you don't want to escape from (but also know there will be ups and downs along the way).

3. Step out of your comfort zone and take some risks -- you never know where that may lead you!

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Quick Mindset Shift to Help You Stick to Healthy Habits - "I am doing this for my future self."


New motto for the month --> "I am doing this for my future self." 

I noticed my routine was slowly getting off course and decided it was necessary to go back to the basics this past week. Focusing on simple self-care habits!

And so far these simple steps have been amazing. One key piece is saying this new motto over and over again. So I wanted to share this new motto/mindset with you too:

Setting the coffee maker the night before rather than in the morning -- doing this for my future self

Taking off ALL makeup, brushing and flossing no matter how exhausted I am -- doing this for my future self

Making time to meditate -- doing this for my future self

Swapping out cocktails/wine for a seltzer or tea -- doing this for my future self

Putting the phone down/closing the laptop and being present when you spouse or family member is talking -- doing this for OUR future selves

Making the bed as soon as we wake up -- doing this for my future self

Going for a walk...

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