Want Less Overwhelm? Here's a quick tip.

We all experience overwhelm at some point. It's easy to fall into and it can happen in any area of our lives. But don't worry, there are definitely ways to manage and even prevent it.

This is one of my top tips to help you feel more prepared and less overwhelmed for your days. It may come off as obvious, but so many things that work best are common sense things that we don't apply regularly. So here it is, if you're wanting to have more control or feel more prepared for your days...

Look at your calendar the night before.

Do you have a daily planner? If not, I highly recommend you get one. *shameless plug* Designed Life Studio has a three-month daily planner. There are a ton of great planners out there, but I've designed this one after years of planning and not having just the right one for me. I might be a tad biased, but I know you'll love it too! :)

So you need to look at your planner or calendar the night before so that you can plan your day. You...

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Goal-Setting Tip

Sometimes we get really motivated when we start to plan out our lives and set goals. Whether that's eating healthy, hitting the gym, or staying on a consistent reading plan, it's easy to start out super motivated but find it harder and harder to continue with a habit the longer we go.

So how do we stay consistent?

One major factor in sticking with a habit to achieve your goal is whether it's really your goal or not. How do you discern between the two?

Write it down!

Writing down your goals can be a powerful exercise, especially if you keep some kind of score. As you write out the different ideas you have for your goals and how to achieve them, really pay attention to how it feels adding it to your list.

If there is something on your list that you're not very excited for then it could be that it's actually a "should goal". A "should goal" or a goal is something that someone else expects of you or you expected yourself, but you're not really into it...

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So you still have some doubts, huh?

Don't worry that is totally normal. You want to know and be able to trust you are on the correct path, right?

Here's the thing, you will have doubts both before you start and after you take the first steps on a goal.

Yes, it's extremely frustrating.

But trust me, it’s totally normal to have those doubts when you are starting something new, rise to a new level.


The key is to keep going.

Give yourself grace.

Find joy in the journey.

Use it all as a learning experience - learn and grow as you go.



Here are five quick tips and reminders if you feel those doubts creeping in.

1 - Comparisonitis - all because she does it that way doesn’t mean you have to do it that way.

2 - Trial and error 

3 - The grass isn’t always greener

4 - Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast 

5 - Ask for help from a mentor or coach

6 - *BONUS TIP* Check your ego...

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Quick Mindset Shift to Help You Stick to Healthy Habits - "I am doing this for my future self."


New motto for the month --> "I am doing this for my future self." 

I noticed my routine was slowly getting off course and decided it was necessary to go back to the basics this past week. Focusing on simple self-care habits!

And so far these simple steps have been amazing. One key piece is saying this new motto over and over again. So I wanted to share this new motto/mindset with you too:

Setting the coffee maker the night before rather than in the morning -- doing this for my future self

Taking off ALL makeup, brushing and flossing no matter how exhausted I am -- doing this for my future self

Making time to meditate -- doing this for my future self

Swapping out cocktails/wine for a seltzer or tea -- doing this for my future self

Putting the phone down/closing the laptop and being present when you spouse or family member is talking -- doing this for OUR future selves

Making the bed as soon as we wake up -- doing this for my future self

Going for a walk...

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3 quick tips to stay consistent when feeling off



1. Anchor your new (or desired) habit to an existing habit. 

2. Dive in to accountability and support. Share your goal with someone or a group that will hold you accountability. It's more than okay to ask for help.

3. Give yourself grace along the way! 



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