Real You for Real Confidence

When it comes to confidence, there are lots of easy things to boost yours. This tip might surprise you though...

Be more you!

What does that even mean? You need to be more authentic and let more of who you really are shine through. Are you fun and funny? What would that side of you look like at work? 

The more you that shows up at work, the more confident you will feel, even if you see yourself as someone who isn't that confident. 

Hear me out.

When you're someone else...

We all have people we look up to or even people we wish we could be more like. At work, it could be a supervisor or even a coworker with lots of success. We want what they've got so we go directly to copying their style and way of doing things.

Yes, maybe there are systems and practices that you have to follow and do a certain way, but if you are trying to just model and be more like them, it's exhausting and you might not even have the success they have because you aren't being who you really are. Or doing it your way.

What if your approach is even better, but you are not even giving yourself a shot?

If you're doing something that's not a good fit for you, you're not going to feel confident. You're going to feel like you're faking it because you really are.

The more YOU you are the less fake it will feel and the more confident you'll be.

Give it a try!




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