Fear of Failure - Here's a Mindset Shift

There it is again... that fear of “what if”. Or worse, that voice in your head that’s telling you you can’t do it and you shouldn’t even have the role you’re currently in.

This, my friends, is what we call imposter syndrome. It’s fear at its finest and it’s what’s holding you back from that next big goal.

The Problem

Do you find yourself listening to these voices? Do you feel paralyzed by doubt and perfectionism? No matter who you are, I’m betting that you’ve experienced this at least a handful of times in your life, if not more. 

Here’s a secret… EVERYBODY experiences these fears and doubts. It’s pretty normal. You hit a point and you're like, What if this isn't meant to be? This is when imposter syndrome kicks in and you start second-guessing everything that got you here. 

Why It Happens

This happens whenever we begin to define our worth by our title or whatever goal we’re trying to accomplish. First, remember your title and your accomplishments, no matter how great they are, do not define your worth. 

When we start defining our worth by the title we hold, that’s where we really start to hold on too tightly to that career, and we begin to operate out of perfectionism, sacrificing even our own happiness to keep it. It’s a recipe for disaster. So if you find yourself procrastinating or just looking for more time to be perfect, that is the fear of failure in the back of your head.

The Shift

When we get caught up on our title or that next big win, it’s going to sabotage our path forward because we’re looking for perfect. Instead, we need to accept the reality that we can take steps forward and grow without being perfect.

When that fear of failure starts creeping in, remember it’s a journey and you're going to learn and become stronger as you take steps forward. Don’t let perfectionism keep you from taking action.

What got you here in the first place? Do you believe everything is determined by chance? I don’t. And if you take a minute to take a step back and remember how you got to where you’re at now, you’ll see that it didn’t just fall in your lap.

So instead of saying, "What if I lose it? What if I fail?" every time something challenging comes your way, please remember what got you here in the first place. That’s YOU. You are more than capable. You just need to step back and give yourself credit. You did it once you can do it again. 

Don’t believe the lie that you’ve reached the top and that it can’t get any better than it already is. It’s allowed to get better and you’re capable to reach for more.

So Remember

  1. Your title does not define your worth.
  2. Perfectionism only stops you from growing, it won’t protect you.
  3. You grow as you take action, regardless of setbacks.
  4. You are capable. You got to the place you’re at. You’ve made it through 100% of your bad days and setbacks.
  5. It’s allowed to get better.

When you recognize those fearful thoughts coming into your head, remind yourself of these five things and then take the next action step forward, regardless of whatever fear you’re currently feeling. You’ll only grow in confidence that way.



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