Big Career Goals and Really Living

I always try to read something to help me set my mindset before consuming news or social media. (That's how we do it here, mindset first!)

So I was reading a personal development book this morning, and the section I'm in is addressing our insecurities and worries about the future rather than actually living in the present. There are so many good quotes from this book, you guys. But the quote that really hit me was specifically about work and the idea of being so focused on goals and making money and not actually living.

We can get so good at making the money and not really ever learn how to enjoy what we're working for. Just because your bills are paid and you've got a good amount in your savings doesn't mean you're actually enjoying the fruits of all your hard work. You have to make time to actually enjoy all the work.

If you're at a really good spot financially and yet making more money just to make more without intentionally setting apart time to enjoy it and live, then...

You're not actually earning a living, you're earning and earning.

When I read that I was like, "oh my goodness. It's true!" It's like, at what point is it enough? Are you being present? Are you enjoying it?

If you're worrying about the next thing or anticipating the next thing because it'll be better when it happens, then you're missing out on all these awesome moments that are right here and right now. And chances are when that thing happens (that has taken you away from the present right now) you're already going to be worried and looking forward to something else.

Take this as a challenge this week to be more present. Actually live and enjoy the life you are designing. 



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