Creating Your Habit Score Card - Simple Positive Habits and Mindset Shifts


In my virtual community this month we are not only working on our health & fitness goals, but we are also focusing on mindset shifts & habits as well! And talk about a holyyyy motivating positive vibes crew! Right now we are reading the book Atomic Habits, by James Clear. This video is last Thursday's training discussing creating a Habit Scorecard to evaluate your current daily habits and also where you may want to add in some new ones!


I am revisiting this training and habit score card for myself this week. There are so many unknowns with the global pandemic right now and it has thrown a lot of us into stressful and unstructured situations. There is a TON WE CAN'T CONTROL right now, but it got me to think, "What can I implement and control right now?"


I am tired of feeling "off" and "in a funk". Yes, we won't be able to shake these feelings entirely. But one thing I have learned to be true is that when we implement some sort of a routine and positive habits, we will feel better and happier during the day. So even if it's a super small and simple task (like putting real pants on while quarantined) I say we add it in! What can it hurt?! 




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