How to Succeed Stepping Into a New Role

Starting a new job can be exciting: the pay, the experience, the new coworkers you'll become friends with...

But it can also be stressful and nerve-wracking for a lot of people. In fact, if you're anything like me, you're familiar with your own self-critic. You know... that thought or inner voice that tells you you're a failure or even an imposter. If you give that voice any attention, it can grow and grow until you really begin to believe it. 

So what can you do to make sure you succeed and keep the right mindset when stepping into that new role or even starting your own business?

Figure out what is expected of you

There is nothing worse than jumping into something new and not knowing what is expected of you because two things can happen.

  1. You won't deliver to the best of your abilities because you don't know what those expectations are. 
  2. You are going to get frustrated and start second-guessing yourself. If you don't know what's expected of you then you're not going to be as confident.

Let's narrow it down. What are the deliverables? Get real on what is it I need to do.


I know, everyone says that communication is key. That's because it is! If you're feeling overwhelmed or overworked in your role, communicate that. Say something like, "I want to do my best. Here are some gaps that I'm seeing or here is where I need help." Ask for help and communicate.

We all want to be successful together, right? No one is going to look down on you for asking for help or communicating weak spots, etc. It's actually something that most people will find refreshing.

Figure out who the key players are

In order for you to really succeed in your new role, you need to know who you can't count on for certain things. Who can you trust? Who can you go to when you need a certain resource? Who is someone that will give you the pro tips?

It's important that you figure out the ins and outs, who you need to communicate with for what, and just who is going to be a good go-to resource. You are working as a team.

Give yourself permission to be new! This is for all of you high achievers and perfectionists out there...

You, my friend, are allowed to be new. Everything that is new, it's just that, it's new! You've already seen success in other areas. You are capable. You are qualified.

BUT there is a learning period when you're doing anything new. So do not be so hard on yourself. We all want to be great from day one. But it does not happen overnight and no one is expecting it to.

Enjoy the growth process. I know you're like, "I don't want to do that." But learn to enjoy it. It's a process and you're going to learn.

You're going to make mistakes and that's when you go back through these steps. When you put all that together, you're going to have more success and more confidence. Just give yourself time, keep going, communicate and ask for help.

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