Sound More Confident & Feel More Prepared For Meetings

Three tips to help you communicate more confidently and feel more prepared for work meetings. 

Here's a little backstory. I was sitting down today to film the Designed Life Studio Membership content for next month - every month, I do a training and a worksheet for all the ladies in membership to help you achieve your work and life goals.

The current topic is How to Sound and Communicate More Confidently at Work. Because the struggle is real, right? Can you relate? 

Anyway, I always like to provide a training and worksheet on the monthly topics, but I also love to share other/outside useful tips and resources in order to help you even more with your goals. When I came across a great podcast for this topic, I decided I had to share it (and the tips) with you too!

The podcast is from another executive coach, Muriel Wilkins. Her podcast is called Coaching for Real Leaders. In this specific episode, she shared three tips to help you feel more confident and prepared at work. These tips are GOLD so now I need to share them with everyone I know. 

The breakdown

She said to think of preparing for work as an athlete prepares for competition, which can be broken down into three categories: 

  1. Mindset
  2. Skillset
  3. Physical condition. 

Think about it for a minute, if just one of these is lacking, an athlete won’t compete, or at least, won’t compete, and win, at the level they’d like. 

All three of these are also things in our control and something we can work to consistently improve.

The most important - mindset

Imagine you have a meeting coming up next week and you haven’t prepared yet, you’re actually kind of dreading it. You’re already expecting to fail. So instead of preparing to show up and “compete” you come mentally defeated and unpracticed. It’s already a bad meeting and it hasn’t even started yet!

You need to check your mindset before you go in. We have to work on our mindset to help us achieve and perform at the level that we want. 


Number two is probably the most attractive piece, to be highly skilled in your role. You want to sound and be more credible. That means you have to become more competent and increase your skillset.

That takes practice and time, which isn’t a bad thing. Even with all the skill a professional athlete has, they are always training. So though it takes time, you can move forward and continue to grow at the same time.

Give yourself grace! Focus on always working to grow and improve that skillset as well, because that is going to increase your level of credibility and increase your confidence. 

Physical condition

You need to take care of yourself. Think about it. How are you showing up? If you're not taking care of yourself, that's going to affect how you show up as well.

Whether it’s poor sleep, not enough movement or exercise, not fueling your body with the right things, that physical condition will also affect how you show up. You need to take care of yourself before you can become a presence in your career.

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