Stop Focusing on the 'How'

Are you a planner or are you aspiring to be? It can be difficult at times when you plan and plan and plan and yet, things don't go as you planned. 

If you've got it all mapped out and you've done all the research, it can be really frustrating. But is there anything you can really do about it?

The challenge


I want to challenge you to take a step back and focus more on the vision and who you need to step into and be how you need to show up in order to make the plan happen. A lot of times, we planners get very focused (maybe even a little obsessed) on the specifics. So much so, that we'll focus so much on the how and forget about the vision.

So I know it might sound a little out there, but if you actually take a step back and focus on the big vision, the how will figure itself out. Sometimes we can be so driven in one direction that we miss out on a great opportunity.




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