Want Less Overwhelm? Here's a quick tip.

We all experience overwhelm at some point. It's easy to fall into and it can happen in any area of our lives. But don't worry, there are definitely ways to manage and even prevent it.

This is one of my top tips to help you feel more prepared and less overwhelmed for your days. It may come off as obvious, but so many things that work best are common sense things that we don't apply regularly. So here it is, if you're wanting to have more control or feel more prepared for your days...

Look at your calendar the night before.

Do you have a daily planner? If not, I highly recommend you get one. *shameless plug* Designed Life Studio has a three-month daily planner. There are a ton of great planners out there, but I've designed this one after years of planning and not having just the right one for me. I might be a tad biased, but I know you'll love it too! :)

So you need to look at your planner or calendar the night before so that you can plan your day. You need to know what's coming because part of that stress, that anxiety, that overwhelm is when you forget something's on your calendar, whether it's an appointment, whether it's a meeting, maybe someone put it on last minute.

Take time to review and plan and prepare, and you won't feel like you're going in a million directions.




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