You already know what you want - Just do the thing!

You know what you want

You have an idea big or small, whether it's a career change, starting a business, or simply doing something new/different. But you’re paralyzed by the “what if” and figuring out “all the things” before actually taking any steps forward.

 A lot of times we look for that validation, that permission for someone else to say, “That's a good idea. You should do that.”

So, if you're looking for that, I am here to tell you, yes it is a good idea. (But you don't need validation/permission from me.)

Just pause

Pause and take a break. Crazy things happen when you do this.

You get more clarity on your ideas when you slow down. More clarity and less overthinking leads to more confidence. This also helps you stop thinking about how everyone else is doing things, their ideas, and truly give you space to focus on, and stop doubting, yourself and your ideas. 

You do not need all of the answers right away. Don’t overanalyze it. 

Just pause. It's worth it. You got this, don't get frustrated with yourself. 

Reach out!

Again, you know what you want deep down, but sometimes you do need help getting clear on it or seeing the path to move forward and taking that first action step. That's where a coach comes in!

I am willing to bet you already know deep down what it is you want, but don't get frustrated if you’re still in that overthinking mode. This is totally normal. 

And if you are in overthinking mode, ask for help! Reach out and ask for help.

It's not a race. You're right where you're supposed to be. 

If you have an idea on your heart, stop ignoring it and go for it! That clarity comes when you pause, actually trust your gut, and do it.

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