3 Key Steps to Create Your Fulfilling Career Path


If you don’t already know, I help women design a career path (and life) that they actually enjoy. What’s that mean? Well, there is your current situation, what you actually want, and the action steps it takes to get there.

With every woman I coach, the very first thing we work on is getting clear on what they really want to do. There are three key elements to figuring this out. 

  1. What do you enjoy?

This first step is figuring out what you actually like, if you don’t already know. What are your dreams, your goals, your aspirations, and what do you like doing?

This ties into your vision for life and your future. So don’t limit yourself, but take some time to think about what actually brings YOU joy and excitement. What are the activities you enjoy? 

  1. Who are you?

The next question we need to answer is, Who are YOU? Don’t forget to filter this through the first element of this, and make sure this really about you, and not expectations or...

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You already know what you want - Just do the thing!

You know what you want

You have an idea big or small, whether it's a career change, starting a business, or simply doing something new/different. But you’re paralyzed by the “what if” and figuring out “all the things” before actually taking any steps forward.

 A lot of times we look for that validation, that permission for someone else to say, “That's a good idea. You should do that.”

So, if you're looking for that, I am here to tell you, yes it is a good idea. (But you don't need validation/permission from me.)

Just pause

Pause and take a break. Crazy things happen when you do this.

You get more clarity on your ideas when you slow down. More clarity and less overthinking leads to more confidence. This also helps you stop thinking about how everyone else is doing things, their ideas, and truly give you space to focus on, and stop doubting, yourself and your ideas. 

You do not need all of the answers right away....

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Sound More Confident & Feel More Prepared For Meetings

Three tips to help you communicate more confidently and feel more prepared for work meetings. 

Here's a little backstory. I was sitting down today to film the Designed Life Studio Membership content for next month - every month, I do a training and a worksheet for all the ladies in membership to help you achieve your work and life goals.

The current topic is How to Sound and Communicate More Confidently at Work. Because the struggle is real, right? Can you relate? 

Anyway, I always like to provide a training and worksheet on the monthly topics, but I also love to share other/outside useful tips and resources in order to help you even more with your goals. When I came across a great podcast for this topic, I decided I had to share it (and the tips) with you too!

The podcast is from another executive coach, Muriel Wilkins. Her podcast is called Coaching for Real Leaders. In this specific episode, she shared three tips to help you feel more confident and prepared at work....

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Fear of Failure - Here's a Mindset Shift

There it is again... that fear of “what if”. Or worse, that voice in your head that’s telling you you can’t do it and you shouldn’t even have the role you’re currently in.

This, my friends, is what we call imposter syndrome. It’s fear at its finest and it’s what’s holding you back from that next big goal.

The Problem

Do you find yourself listening to these voices? Do you feel paralyzed by doubt and perfectionism? No matter who you are, I’m betting that you’ve experienced this at least a handful of times in your life, if not more. 

Here’s a secret… EVERYBODY experiences these fears and doubts. It’s pretty normal. You hit a point and you're like, What if this isn't meant to be? This is when imposter syndrome kicks in and you start second-guessing everything that got you here. 

Why It Happens

This happens whenever we begin to define our worth by our title or whatever goal we’re trying...

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One Reason You May Be Lacking Confidence At Work

You might be feeling frustrated or just not as satisfied with your career right now. One reason many of us feel this way is because of our own lack of confidence at work.

The Problem

So if you are feeling frustrated or lacking confidence, ask yourself, are you trying to do all of the things? Are you too afraid to admit or delegate something that you feel like you should know how to do, even though that pressure is coming from no one else but you?

Think about it this way. If you go to a doctor, you want to have a specialist treat you for a certain problem, right? You're not going to go to someone that's just like, yeah, I can kind of sort of treat that. I've done it once in the past. No!

If you really want that confidence there needs to be a mindset shift from thinking that you need to be able to do everything anyone asks you to or that you need to be able to do all the things with no help at all. That’s not going to get you the praise you want.

What You Should Do About...

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Why Corporate Creatives Should Start the Side Business and Stop Overthinking It

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What if switching jobs is not the answer to more fulfillment?


Sharing some key questions in this video to ask yourself if you are feeling stuck and looking for some more fulfillment.

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Building Your Perfect Work Cocktail


Building your perfect work cocktail


Mindset shifts:

Remind yourself that you can do both -- create the perfect work cocktail

It doesn’t have to be a drastic shift or change.


Tips to take action today:

Journal it out - braindump your ideas

Take one tinyyyy step. Ask yourself:

1. What do I miss doing/want to add?

2. What is one small step I can take toward adding that in this week?


If you feel like something is missing take a step back, ask yourself these questions, then start creating your perfect work cocktail.


The full fulfillment picture looks different for everyone.

Design and blend it up your way.

You can design a life you love.


Journal Prompt:

What do I miss doing, what can I add, that would make me feel more fulfilled?

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